Organizational unit running the field of study: 
Faculty of Management and Production Engineering
Cycle of study: 
Mode of study: 
Full-time (degree programme)
Language of instruction: 
Description of the field of study: 

Logistics is an interdisciplinary field of study which, being offered by a university of technology,  requires integration of knowledge of economics and management with technical and IT knowledge. Students of logistics acquire professional knowledge and skills that match the actual, contemporary requirements for logistics engineers. The curriculum embraces  knowledge of modern logistics systems management and also basics of management and economics, commodity science, production and services management, finance, accounting and law. During the field-specific courses students familiarize themselves with production logistics and distribution, inventory and supply chain management, logistics processes design, transport economics, logistics infrastructure and eco-logistics. Moreover, students learn about modern information technology systems for logistics and also about the process of development and implementation of relevant information technologies for logistics companies.

  • Logistics Information Systems

The programme of study for this specialization includes additional courses such as design of applications for logistics, e-commerce, logistics modelling, audit and logistics systems improvement and data warehouses. On this account, students are prepared to use modern IT systems for Logistics as well as to contribute to the development and implementation of IT in logistics companies.

  • Logistics management

The programme of study for this specialization puts emphasis on courses such as planning, budgeting and optimization of costs, fixed assets management and repair economy, warehousing systems, packaging in logistics systems, logistics services market and Euro-logistics. Upon graduation, students in this specialization track gain qualifications necessary to perform analyses and make economic decisions concerning logistics processes in enterprises.

Degree awarded: 
Duration of study: 

 3,5 years

Graduate profile: 

Graduates with a degree in logistics are prepared to work in logistics departments of production, commerce and services companies and also in design and consulting firms dealing with logistics.  They can also be employed by enterprises, logistics centers, freight and transport companies which require knowledge of logistics, IT, technology and economics as well as organizational skills.

The degree provides many opportunities due to the fact that logistics is currently one of the primary areas of development. The qualifications obtained are sought after in the job market and, undoubtedly, shall remain so in the foreseeable future. This finds confirmation in the results of job market analyses and forecasts and in the experience of our graduates.


Admission requirements: 

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