ECTS course catalogue

Language skills


Undergraduates of Lodz University of Technology have language skills in accordance with the prerequisites of CEFR level B2. This level is possible to be attained in the frame of the current study programme assuming that the candidate have a foreign language skills on B1 level.


A candidate for the second cycle studies should have a foreign language skills on B2 level according to CEFR. The skills should let him actively participate in the chosen foreign language courses. In most of the faculties, English language is preferred.


Principles of choosing the mode, the form and spacialisation of studies


According to the Secion 10 of the Resolution No. 18/2015 of the Senate of Lodz University of Technology of 23 September 2015 - Academic Regulations of Lodz University of Technology, the Student has the right to choose the mode, the form and specialisation of studies subject to technical, organisational and economic capacity specified by the governing bodies of the faculty running the field of study.


ECTS course catalogue


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