Biomedical Engineering

Organizational unit running the field of study: 
Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
Cycle of study: 
Mode of study: 
Full-time (degree programme)
Language of instruction: 
Description of the field of study: 

Biomedical engineering is one of the most innovative fields of economy connected with production development and improvement, effective use of materials and operation of devices and systems used in medical diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation.

Students learn to make use of their knowledge and autonomous learning, verification and selection of information from many different sources, including electronic ones. Part of education is delivered in English, which prepares students to use rich field literature in English and facilitates future work in an international environment. Selected segments of the programme are taught by medical specialists employed by the Medical University of Lodz, which enables them to explore medical aspects of biomedical engineering and its applications to diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation. This ensures that the knowledge that students acquire and the skills they learn are interdisciplinary.


Degree awarded: 
magister inżynier
Duration of study: 

 1,5 years

Graduate profile: 

Graduates are qualified to perform engineering projects and research and development projects in interdisciplinary national and international teams. They can be employed by hospitals, teaching hospitals, outpatient clinics, clinics and other healthcare units; organizations; medical apparatus and device manufacturers; in medical apparatus and device trade, technical commissioning, accreditation and attestation organizations; medical apparatus and device design, development and technological organizations; research and development, consulting and medical administration organizations.

Admission requirements: 

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