Automation and Robot Control

Organizational unit running the field of study: 
Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
Cycle of study: 
Mode of study: 
Full-time (degree programme)
Language of instruction: 
Description of the field of study: 

The goal of this degree program is to further develop student understanding of automatic control and robotics, to introduce them to the latest development trends in these fields, and to improve their skills to solve problems related to the control of various technological processes. Students develop both the ability to work independently and work in interdisciplinary teams. They learn advanced methods of designing control systems and optimizing their operation with a broad range of modeling and simulation methods that include in-depth insight into the analysis of dynamic phenomena. Students enhance their skills in robot design, autonomous system development, and the application of vision systems to control.

Degree awarded: 
magister inżynier
Duration of study: 

 1,5 roku


Graduate profile: 

The sectors in which graduates are expected to find employment include: industrial automation, robotics, power engineering, transport, logistics, industrial process control, and control systems. Holders of a magister degree in Automation and Robot Control are offered jobs in innovative companies, R&D departments, integration companies designing and implementing automation and information systems for modern industry.

Admission requirements: 

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