Paper and Printing Technology

Organizational unit running the field of study: 
Faculty of Management and Production Engineering
Cycle of study: 
Mode of study: 
Full-time (degree programme)
Part-time (degree programme)
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Description of the field of study: 

The objective of education is to provide students with systematized technical knowledge (theoretical and practical) in fundamental sciences (mathematics, physics and chemistry) and field-specific knowledge in papermaking, paper conversion and printing. The studies provide knowledge of management, law, economics and humanities in consideration of personal development.  The curriculum is designed to train specialists required for the dynamically developing industries: pulp and papermaking, paper conversion and printing  as well as for employment in design offices and self-employment in the area of manufacturing, services and administrative positions within the scope of the papermaking and printing sector. Students acquire competences on the basis of the latest world scientific literature, research conducted at the Institute of Papermaking and Printing of Lodz University of Technology as well as experimental and expert projects performed for the national industry of papermaking, paper conversion and printing. The programme of study 'paper and printing technology' was developed in collaboration with potential future employers: national and international industrial organizations. Programmes of study offered by the leading European universities, e.g. Aalto  University of Technology, developed in line with the EU guidelines (with the so-called Bologna Process),  were carefully considered during the design of the programme of study. The programme is designed so as to maximize the chances of prompt employment.

  • paper machines, printing and and paper converting  machines
  • paper and printing technology
Degree awarded: 
Duration of study: 

4 years

Graduate profile: 

The graduate with a degree in paper and printing technology is an engineer prepared  to solve interdisciplinary problems in  pulp and papermaking, printing and paper conversion technologies as well as design and operation of machines and devices used in papermaking, paper conversion and printing. The graduate is prepared to work in papermaking and printing and related industries. The graduate is able to operate machines and run technological processes in industrial plants and to perform technical inspection of the medium level and to be self-employed. Additionally, the graduate is qualified to work in manufacture and overhaul of papermaking and printing machines and devices, design offices, laboratories, administration and education (having obtained teaching qualifications).



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