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Chemistry of Building Materials

Organizational unit running the field of study: 
Faculty of Chemistry
Cycle of study: 
Mode of study: 
Full-time (degree programme)
Language of instruction: 
Description of the field of study: 

The curriculum of chemistry of building materials gives young people an opportunity for a degree, a modern career and an ability to efficiently manage their own professional path. Education in the field of study chemistry of building materials  is delivered in close continual cooperation with the future employers who provide direct inputs and help shape programmes of study and learning outcomes achieved by students with regard to knowledge, skills and social competences. 

During the process of the design and delivery of the first-cycle degree programme, representatives of industry, among others, members of the Polish Association of Manufacturers of Construction Chemicals with which the three partner universities (Gdansk University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology) signed an agreement, influenced the selection of course units and description of the profile of graduates, whereas currently, they offer placements and diploma thesis topics to be carried out at industrial plants.

The objective of education is to give students solid knowledge of issues involved in manufacturing and use of modern building materials, energy-saving and environment-friendly, in adherence to the principle of sustainable development.


Degree awarded: 
Duration of study: 

1,5 years

Graduate profile: 

Specialist in chemistry of building materials  have knowledge of building materials manufacturing technologies; of advanced technologies of materials modification; advanced research methods concerning materials, management of secondary raw materials in construction; production management. They have the skills to design technological processes and industrial installations. Graduates from the second-cycle degree programme in chemistry of building materials are prepared to work at companies operating in the area of civil engineering, including those dealing with manufacturing, processing and using building materials and in those dealing with broadly-defined recycling. They are also prepared to work at local government agencies as experts and specialists in chemistry of building materials or to pursue third-cycle degree programmes.

Admission requirements: 

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