Dormitories for students

TUL offers student housing for students from outside of the city. We have nine student dorms with good conditions and atmosphere for living and learning, which are also ideal place for leisure. There is a computer network that delivers the Internet to every room, a canteen and student clubs - these are just some of the advantages of our dorms. TUL also has a concert hall, which is located in one of the buildings. This venue is a modern stage, equipped with multimedia equipment and auditorium and is designated to host events like elections of Miss of the University, festivals, competitions and meetings.

Fees for the dorms :

twin room - Dorm 3 - 450 PLN per person per month; Dorms 4, 6, 8 and 9 - 430 PLN per person per month.

single room – Dorm 3 - 500 PLN per person per month; Dorms 4, 6, 8 and 9 - 480 PLN per person per month.



Our campus is not only a symbol of the university, but also of the city. Close to the famous Piotrowska Street there is a compact area where you will find all university buildings, class rooms, laboratories, workshops, dean's offices and rector's office. The University has a specific atmosphere thank for its nineteenth-century palaces and revitalized post-industrial buildings adapted for modern classrooms and laboratories. A park located in the center of the campus, with its unique trees is something the University is proud of.

Please, see the map of our campus.


What else

In our campus there are the offices of student organizations, sports facilities, post office, medical clinics, canteen, small shops and a modern auditorium, which hosts a number of cultural and scientific events. Also, the campus hosts the Student Radio ŻAK in one of its dorms.


For more information about accommodation in our dormitories, please visit the website of the Student Government (section (“Zakwaterowanie”). If you want to apply for student housing in our campus, please download forms here.

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